Hylic/ HA Series
Hylic/ HA Series

HA pump complies fully to the European Standard

BS EN733/DIN  24255 of performance and dimensions .

They are used for pumping  clean water  or liquids similar

to water. achieving wide application in plants , mines,city

water  supplies , air-conditioning coolers , fire-fighting

system and irrigation .


Pumps of the same model have different performance  leavls basing on different diameter after  impeller trimming . Overall the whole series , there are only four sizes of shaft and five of bearing  housing  AS long as their bearing housings are of the same size , different  pumps can tnterchange spare parts such as shaft , sleeve shaft seal , Impeller nut , etc.

HA pump is also very easy to installed and maintained , Back pull-out  design, driven through flexible coupling , so that pump casing and mortor can be remains in position while other spare  parts are removed  .

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