About Us


FRONTLINE ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED was established in 2004 by our founder who has more than 25 years of experience in water pump business, we have been in this business for more than 17 years


We are a trading company that sells many top brands of Pumps and Valves from many places around the world, as well as we believe we are Pump and Valve consultants specializing in this industry.


Our business concept is to sell Water Pumps and related products as the following idea.


  • Water is a key factor in everyone is living, so the allocation of water to all sectors is important. To deliver water to users where water cannot flow by itself, Pumps and Management Equipment are required.
  • Natural disasters are always a thing to happen. Especially when it comes to flooding, it is always necessary to invest in prevention.
  • Water pumps are typically always used for heavy, therefore it is always re-purchased to replace the old one.


For more than 17 years the company has operated. Frontline Engineering has grown and developed continuously as well as has been recognized by both the public and private sectors for the quality and service. We aim to advance towards modern and sustainable development in future.