Submersible pump in discharge tube

Amacan P

Wet-installed submersible motor pump for installation in discharge tubes, with axial propeller in ECB design, single-stage, single-entry. ATEX-compliant version available.

Main ApplicationsTechnical Data
Irrigation pumping stationsMax. flow rate
25200 m³/h
Drainage pumping stationsMax. head
12 m
Stormwater pumping stationsMax. allowed working pressure
16 bar
Raw water pumps and clean water pumps in waterworks and waste water treatment plantsMax. allowed fluid temperature
40 °C

Dry-installed pump


Single-stage axially split volute casing pump for horizontal or vertical installation, with double-entry radial impeller, mating flanges to DIN, EN or ASME.

Main ApplicationsTechnical Data
WaterworksMax. flow rate
2880 m³/h
Desalination plantsMax. head
220 m
Pressure boostingMax. allowed working pressure
25 bar
Water transportMax. allowed fluid temperature
140 °C

Vertical Turbine Pumps


Multistage vertical turbine pump with closed impellers, column section with bearing assembly, shaft sleeve, shaft sealed by gland packing, driven by electric motor or diesel engine.

Main Applications Technical Data
Capacity up to 2300 m³/h
Total head up to160 m
Speed up to3500 RPM
Temperature up to 150 °C
Suspended Depth up to120 m

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