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Delivering the Dredging Vessel with deliver floating pipe

April 2021, At the test site, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

Frontline Engineering Co., Ltd. has delivered 1x Dredging Vessel with delivering floating pipe less than 14 inches to the Royal Irrigation Department at the test site, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. The dredger is used for dredging canals and various water sources. The main structure is a steel pontoon. It is designed to be able to be separated, which is easy for overland transportation. The design of the cutter head looks like a crown-shaped head that is suitable for soil digging and sucking including the floating pipe operation. The vessel is powered by a diesel engine. The main working equipment of this dredger is operated by hydraulic systems.

Songkran Festival 2021

9 April 20, 2021 At Frontline Building

Frontline Engineering held Pour water to Buddha statue in the house and Pouring water to the elders for blessings event as of Songkran Day (Thai New Year) in this year is coming again, which the event led by Mr.Aphiwat Wutthinansurasit, Cheif Operating Officer and every employee is attended the event together.

The true meaning of the activity is considered a spiritual matter for the start of the near year for Thai people and a reunification activity where everyone travels to show respect and love for the elders.

In this year, the company organized activities following to the government’s measures to prevent the infection of COVID 19 under the concept of “Rinse, sprinkle, put on a mask, no splashing water”, the tradition remains in its New Normal format. Thai elders trust Pour water to Buddha statue in the house can make good things come to life and family as well as living peace and happy. And Pouring water to the elders is about give elders the respect and apologize for anything in the past. Our organization is encouraging employees to be a good manner with elder and leader, it is a beautiful culture that we will keep it.

Hydraulic Pump Operational Training

16 March 2021 / 18 March 2021
At The Test Site

Due to the previous knowledge training about using and maintain hydraulic pumps, this time Frontline Engineering once again held the training workshop at the test site. All participants were exposed to the actual hydraulic pumps and got more knowledges from the lecturer. At the event, the participants exchanged their technical knowledge of water pumps using and how to maintain with each other. As well as, the lecturer gave technical advise about hydraulic water pumps to everyone in the event.

This time, Frontline Engineering has tested the efficiency of the hydraulic water pump for the attendees. They were very excited about this water pump test.

The hydraulic water pumps powered by diesel engines, size 30 inches, 2 Q/minute, 5 meters of pumping distance, total 8 units.

hydraulic pump Training

15 March 2021 / 17 March 2021
At Frontline Building

Frontline Engineering held The Basic Knowledge on hydraulic driven pumps training at the Frontline building. Mr. Aphiwat Wutthinansurasit, Chief Operating Officer, warmly welcomed the participants. The event was honored by Mr. Teerachun Bunsith, Director of the Bureau of Water Resources Conservation and Rehabilitation as the President of the event. Including the officials from the Water Resources Department Division 1-11, Water Resources Conservation and Rehabilitation team, Water Resources Development, Office of Water Management and Hydrology team. and Water Crisis Prevention Center team participated in this training.

  • Basic knowledge about the mobile pump powered by hydraulics.
  • Equipment and control system knowledge of hydraulic driven mobile pumps.
  • Installing and operating knowledge of hydraulic driven mobile pumps.
  • Maintenance and operating safety knowledge of hydraulic driven mobile pumps.

Frontline Engineering hopefully that those participants in this training will receive useful information and able to apply with actual working.

Frontline Engineering Outing 2020

18-20 December 2020
At Coral Tree Villa Hua-Hin
Frontline Engineering organized the 2020 Annual Meeting and New Year Celebration at Hua-Hin, which is event aims to manage relationship and exchange working opinion between employees and management. During the event, everyone had joined many activities together such playing sport, playing group game for managing relationship and dinning. Including, Summarizes the company’s performance in the past year and outlines the business goals and direction of the executives for the next year. As well as build relationships between colleagues.

Big Cleaning 2020

10 December 2020
At Frontline Building and Storage

Frontline Engineering employees participated in Big Cleaning activity for the year 2020 at Frontline Building. The activity was organized with the aim of creating hygiene and cleanliness for both company and employees in accordance with the cleaning policy of the Minister of Public Health. All employees worked together to clean the workplace, store tools, equipment and dispose of any that are no longer used or worn. In doing this joint activity, in addition to creating sanitation and cleanliness for the company, it also makes all employees unity in doing activities between colleagues. All employees are involved in the work and planning to organize the workspace together. We expect to continue holding great events like this every year to promote good hygiene for our company.

Special Seminar Between KSB Thailand and Frontline Engineering

10 November 2020
At Frontline Building and Storage

Frontline Engineering Co., Ltd. organized a seminar event at the Good Life Room, Frontline building on the topic “Selection and installation of large water pumps for irrigation” in collaboration with KSB (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a leading water pump manufacturer from Germany and Frontline Engineering Co., Ltd., which our company is the official distributor of KSB.

Frontline 1st CSR Activity

23 October 2020
At Frontline Building

Frontline Engineering has delivered goods donated to Oubwap School, Baan Um Huam, Ban Na, Sam Ngao District, Tak Province. This event is aimed at supporting consumer goods for children and rural people in Northern part of Thailand, who are waiting to be rescued. Even we couldn’t go there to meet the children because of Covid situation, but we could send encouraging instead.

Ground Breaking Ceremony

10 August 2020
At Frontline Factory

Frontline Engineering team, both executives and employees, attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the new factory to kickoff the construction at Bo Ngoen, Lad Lum Kaeo District, Pathumthani Province. With the leading brahmin, the groundbreaking ceremony is in accordance with the ancient beliefs of the Thai people about blessing the residents to succeed smoothly and to be able to overcome various obstacles smoothly as well. The purpose of the factory build is to expand the business even further and to support the future production of water pumps of the company.

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