In addition to selling pumps and valves, we also offer maintenance services in various fields by a team of skilled and experienced. We are able to monitor the heat at the pump connection point and other components of the pump by thermoscan, modify pump system, and electrical switchboard annual maintenance. As well as we can upgrade the water pump or the operation of the pump. After-sales service is the most important thing that we strive to provide to our customers in order to provide our customers with best service and benefit.

CONSTRUCTION & Installation

Construction and Installation by expert engineers and technicians with more than 30 years of experience, which able to provide information or advise you very well. Make your business more convenient.

Technique Information

Our Sales Engineer and Technician can provide technical information to you very well because all parties have passed products training and real working before. That can make you receive accurate and complete information. We are happy to support information and advise you about the design and specification of various projects without cost.


Pump and motor check-up service is a basic supplement that you will receive with the product. Warranty checks for more than 2 years to give you peace of mind in using that we will take care of the entire period.

Pump and electric motor repair service

Frontline Engineering takes after-sales service very seriously. We are ready to service both pump and electric motor repair. We have modern tools, genius application, and good technicians team, which ready to serve you in any situation 24/7.

Bringing in THE technology for better living


SWM is Smart Water Management system that we created to serve our customers. It is a water pump management system to maintain equipment and monitor usage through the Cloud IOT system.

Feature of the system
– Able to view all pump and equipment information
– The system can alert over / under of Water Level through LINE application.
– Able to display monthly results about the history of measured values as a report (Project, Maintenance, Monitoring).
– Able to display warranty period and alert.

Benefits of the system
– You can see all information about your installed pump.
– If one device is broken or the pump does not work, there will be an alert system via LINE notifying then our service team can access to edit on the right spot, convenient and fast for customers.
– Customers can view the work history of Pump and Equipment, including the report can convert to an Excel file.

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