Our FLYGT N-pumps (1.3 kW – 680 kW) are designed to handle the world’s toughest water and wastewater applications. And now, with our Adaptive N™ technology in all smaller pumps, you get a superior way to avoid clogging, reduce unplanned maintenance and cut your energy bills. That adds up to total peace of mind – and big savings over the long term.

Submersible Centrifugal Pumps (N-Pumps series)

FLYGT propeller pumps are designed to transport large volumes of water at low heads. The slim profile of these pumps provides a considerably smaller pump station footprint than that of non-submersible pumps.

Every FLYGT propeller pump is tested in the factory to ensure high performance and premium quality. Like all FLYGT products, FLYGT propeller pumps deliver solid cost-effective performance that has been proven for more than 40 years in applications.

Submersible Propeller Pumps (P-Pumps series)

The new e-1610 series is a centrifugal end-suction electric-pump with single-stage, axial flanged suction port, Radial flanged discharge, and horizontal shaft. The e1610 pumps have cast iron casing and stainless-steel Impeller or bronze impeller as standard but are also available in a wide range of materials, from bronze to Duplex stainless steel, to allow for various pumping needs

End Suction Pumps (e-1610 series)

Safe. Strong. Cost-effective. Xylem e-MP multistage pumps get the job done in nearly any high-pressure

application – with lower lifecycle costs, lower energy usage, long-term dependability and the versatility

to handle a wide range of applications. Available in horizontal or vertical configurations and with robust

material options and smart design features, e-MP pumps can handle moving a variety of fluids across a wide range of applications including pressure boosting, boiler feed, filtration, fluid transport, dewatering and more., e-MP multistage pumps are proof Xylem puts industrial strength thinking to work for the manufacturing, power generation, oil & gas, mining, commercial building, agricultural, water utilities and

leisure industries.

e-MP Multistage Pumps

The e-SV™ range of pumps features 11 models, and can be specially configured for a wider range of applications. The

line is interchangeable with Lowara’s e-SV series of vertical multi-stage pumps for added flexibility in meeting pumping

requirements. Additionally, five e-SV™ manufacturing facilities around the world provide shorter lead times and faster


e-SV™ Vertical Multi-stage Pumps

Xylem e-XC single stage, double suction centrifugal pumps come in so many models and materials that you can precisely configure your pump for your system. Simplify selection with our selection tool. Easily configure hydraulics, pump materials, motors and seals based on your application. We’ll assemble your pump and get it on its way.

e-XC Single Stage, Double Suction Centrifugal Pumps